To install the FoldMiner package, perform the following steps:
  1. From this web page, download 'FoldMinerDistribution.tar.gz'

  2. In a convenient location, uncompress and unpack the software by typing:

    gunzip -c FoldMinerDistribution.tar.gz | tar xvf -

    This creates a directory ./FoldMinerDistribution containing the distribution files.

  3. Go into the FoldMinerDistribution directory that was just created. Open the README fileand carefully read the "Installation Instructions" section. You may wish to load the README.html file in a web browser for easier browsing.

  4. After reading the descriptions of the various data files described in section II of the README file (Installation Instructions), determine which, if any, you would like to download. For each file you download, move it to a convenient location and type:

    tar -xvf filename.tar
  • To use the LOCK 2 package without the web interface:

    Follow the instructions in section III of the README file (Instructions for the LOCK 2 Command Line Interface)

  • To use the FoldMiner package:

    Follow the instructions in section IV of the README file (Instructions for the FoldMiner Command Line Interface).

To cite this work, use the following reference:

Jessica Shapiro and Douglas L. Brutlag (2004). FoldMiner: Structural Motif Discovery Using an Improved Superposition Algorithm. Protein Science 13(1) 278-294.

Please send questions and comments to Jessica Ebert